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Registration on the website

You need to sign up via the website. Remember: once you are on the beach, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIGN UP.  

The participation is limited to a maximum of 100 kids, except in Cadaqués where the limit is 200. 

What do I need to do to take part?

1) Do the registration on the website

2) For every child on the beach to be accompanied by an adult, a person responsible for them during the event. When necessary, the organization must be able to contact the adult, so they must be on the beach.

3) If both parents of a MARNATON Kid are swimming in the MARNATON, they must assign the responsibility of the child to a third person, providing the relevant information to the organization when registering.

4) Under no circumstances will a MARNATON Kid who does not meet any of the above requirements be allowed to take part.

We recommend…

– A good breakfast, preferably three hours before you start.

– Don’t get nervous when you’re starting the race.

– Relax while you swim and try to enjoy the race.

– Respect your fellow swimmers: Don’t push or pull them. It’s better to gain a friend than to win a race.

– Don’t forget to put on your sun cream half an hour before the race starts. Although we don’t expect there to be jellyfish, if you have a repellent cream, all the better.

– Swimming trunks or a swimsuit (not beach shorts).

– If you’re used to swimming with them, bring your goggles!

– Don’t forget to bring your towel for after your swim.

– Neoprene wetsuits are allowed. “Feeling the cold” is no longer an excuse.

How far will I swim?

Depending on your age group, you should swim a distance ranging from 50 m to 400 m. We hope that you decide to sign up with your friends, and also enjoy the experience of swimming in the sea!

Categories 2023

DANONINOS5-72018, 2017 and 201650 M
DANONES7-9 2015 and 2014100 M


2013 and 2012200 M


2011, 2010 and 2009400 M



At the finish line participants will receive their medal and t-shirt for taking part.

Good luck to everyone! Enjoy the sea!

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