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SWIMRUN eDreams by HEAD 2023

The SWIMRUN eDreams by HEAD events are part of the new line of MARNATON Experiences. The events take place over one single day. The objective of the challenge is to combine the disciplines of running and swimming consecutively.

The event is performed inside a Natural Park, so we kindly ask participants to respect the importance of the surrounding environment at all times and to cooperate in protecting it.

MARNATON requests everyone’s cooperation in leaving no trace of our presence behind and, after the event, to leave the area in a better condition than we found it.

As an open water swimmer and runner you must respect and protect the environment.


  1. Participant Requeriments and registration

Any natural person of any nationality, federated or not, who is in optimal health and suitably trained to carry out the test may participate.

The test is authorized for over 16 years, born from 2007 on the Half distance, for over 14, born from 2009 on the Sprint distance and for over 12 years born from 2011 on the Experience distance. Always accompanied by an adult.

Event authorized for people over the age of 12, born from the year 2009 in the Sprint distance Couples.

Have correctly carried out all the steps and requirements for registration within the corresponding deadlines.

All the information required in the registration process must be truthful. The organization is not responsible for the falsehoods or errors that the participant indicates at the time of registration.

Registration for the test is personal and non-transferable and can only be done through this website:

Registration for the sporting event selected by the participant will be submitted to the acceptance of the Administrator of this website, which implies that the participant accepts the terms and conditions of the Regulations of the organized test.

Registration period: 10 days before the event date or once the limit of participants is reached.

It includes:

  1. Accident insurance.
  2. Assistance during the walking and crossover race (ships with rescue and ambulance SVB personnel) and on arrival (campus hospital with medical personnel).
  3. During and at the end. (Experience distance, on arrival, avitually)
  4. Moved to the starting point from arrival.
  5. Event Capel and T-shirt.
  6. Costume.
  7. Classification and arrival time with chip
  8. Medals for winners of each category.

Changing of name: will only be accepted up to 12 days before the event. The organization will charge €10 fee for this management.

Change of distance: they will only be admitted up to 12 days before the event, as long as there are places left in the requested distance. If the amount is lower, the difference will not be refunded. But in the case that the amount is higher if the corresponding deposit of the resulting amount will be requested.

Cancellation of the challenge: if due to adverse conditions or force majeure outside the organization, it is obliged to cancel the event or modify the course or timings, the registration fee will not be refunded in any case. In no case will the event be postponed to another date nor will the participants be reimbursed the amount of their registration fee.

Limit of places: the organization keeps 25 places for commitments with sponsors and partners. The organization reserves the right to increase or reduce the number of places for safety reasons or other reasons that may affect the proper development of the race. In any case, this modification will be announced well in advance on the web and social networks.

COVERS accident insurance contracted by the organization: Royal Decree 849/1993, of June 4

  • Unlimited medical and surgical assistance, up to 18 months.
  • Unlimited transfer or evacuation costs to the agreed care center.
  • Orthopedic material expenses, up to 70%.
  • Unlimited rehabilitation treatments, up to a maximum of 18 months.
  • Compensation for total and partial disability due to a sports accident up to €12,025.
  • Compensation for death as a result of a sports accident up to €6015.


       2. Withdrawal or return

2.1 RETURN OR WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURE (Cancellation management): in case the event is canceled, postponed or needs to modify its route due to adverse conditions or force majeure beyond the control of the organization, in no case will the event be postponed to another date.

2.2 JUSTIFIED RETURNS OR CANELLATION of registration will only be accepted, when they are comumunicated within the following deadlines:

  • Communication of the cancellation of the participant’s registration to the website administrator up to 2 months before the event, with the right to a refund of 60% of the registration fee *
  • For cancellations communicated up to 1 month before the event, they will be entitled to a refund of 30% of the registration fee *
  • If the communication to cancel the registration occurs within 1 month before the event, the amount of the registration will not be refundable to the participant, for management reasons in the organization of the race.
  • The amount that will be returned corresponds to the price of the registration. In no case will the amount corresponding to% of the management expenses be returned.
  •  The administrator of the website and organizer of the sporting event, offers a service called, return service, to guarantee the participant the refund of the registration amount, which can only be contracted at the time of registration, not later.

2.3. RETURN SERVICE: This service guarantees the return of 100% of the registration (not the accessories or other expenses derived from it such as travel expenses, merchandising, etc.)  regardless of the reason for the cancellation and without having to justify the reason or cause of the leave either due to: injuries, accidents, travel, studies or any other personal reason.


  • Your hiring will only be accepted if it is done during the registration process (not once the registration is closed).
  • The amount of the return service is not refundable.
  • The duration of the service will take effect from the moment of registration (prior confirmation of payment) until 7 days before the event for which the service has been contracted.
  • To execute the registration return process, you must send an email to communicating the withdrawal.
  • The refund of the amount will be made to the same card with which the registration payment was made.


The administrator of the website will manage the refund of the registration fee, under the same system that was used for payment. The application of the refund in the account or card of the USER, will depend on the payment system and the issuing bank.

To proceed with a return or cancellation of the registration, the following steps must be followed. You must inform the administrator of the website as soon as possible, and indicate that you want to cancel the selected test. Information by email to:


  1. Chip

It is compulsory to use the chip to participate in the event.

White single-use and returnable chip: the organization will provide it at a price of € 3 (VAT included).

Yellow Chip (Championchip). When registering, you must specify the serial number on the form.

In case of loss of chip the participant will not appear in the rankings even if they provide evidences and / or graphic material showing their position and / or time. Nor will he/she be entitled to absolute prizes or by categories. Claims in this regard will not be accepted.


  1. Participant’s bag Collection

To collect their bag, the participant will need to show their ID CARD, PASSPORT or TAX ID CARD (original or photocopy) and the medical certificate.

When collecting bib numbers you must collect: Cap, Chip, Event T-shirt, Wet Bag for the Cloakroom, a whistle and the bib number.


  1. Cloakroom

Each participant must use only one bag, identified by their team number, which the organization will provide for them to keep their personal belongings. The Wet Bag must be left at the designated point before the start of the race.

To retrieve their bag, which is looked after by the event organizers near to the finish, the team or participant must show their cap and their bib number.

The bags in the cloakroom will be watched over at all times. The organization will not be held responsible for the misplacement or loss of the swimmers’ personal belongings. To prevent this from happening, please do not place any valuable items in the cloakroom bags which the swimmers have to leave on the beach.


  1. Transfer to the start

The transfer to the start will be made by bus. The schedule will be published on the web.


  1. Compulsory technical kit

All participants must have the following equipment with them. Random controls will be made before the start to verify the equipment. If participants do not have this equipment, they may not take part in the competition.

Compulsory kit:

  • Swimming Neoprene. This can be long or short sleeve and can be cut from legs and sleeves. (HALF distance)
  • Swimming goggles.
  • Cap provided by the organization with your bib number.
  • Chip provided by the organization, worn correctly (ankle).
  • Bib number provided by the organization with the number of each team. Must return ate the end of the event.
  • Whistle, one per person (NOT given by the organization).
  • Trail trainers.
  • Cup (NOT given by the organization).

Additionally, the organization advises that you also bring the following items:

  • Swim paddles
  • Pull buoy

The organization may add more compulsory items which are not included in this section. In that event, participants will be given plenty of warning via the website or an email.


  1. Starting Point 

The Rolling Start format will be followed. Allowing the output of a small number of participants every 5 seconds.

The organisation reserves the right to modify the exits for the proper functioning of the exits.

There will be a chip control and timing point on the output and another on arrival. Failure to step on the carpet at any of the points will imply disqualification and thus not appear in the classification.


  1. Route

The running route will be marked with tape every few meters and posters. The whole course will be on roads marked by the organization, leaving these roads is completely forbidden and doing so will result in the team being disqualified.

Pairs may not be more than 10 m apart either in the swimming or running sections of the race. Leave the couple separated more than the maximum distance allowed will be disqualified for two participants.

The areas of entry into the water will be opened for entry through several places. Always respecting the signalled area for this. This may mean an increase in the total distance of the race.

The areas where the participants enter the water will be open so that several competitors will be able to enter the water in the same place.

The swimming section will only be marked by buoys on the long sections or in areas where the course is complicated. Swimmers must always swim between the buoys and the coast, in order to ensure their safety.

The place where the swimmers leave the water will be marked by pennants, balloons, volunteers, a flag or a large banner.

So that the event runs smoothly, the organization reserves the right to fully and/or partially change where it places the buoys, in the event of currents and/or the wind making it necessary to change the original route. You will be informed of these changes beforehand, in the briefing or on output.


  1. Participants support

The participants will be monitored by jet skis and support boats in the sea and by volunteers in the running section.

Support Vessels

The motorized support vessels, marked with a BLUE flag, will supervise the event, but always from a safe distance. There will be general-purpose support vessels to cover safety during the crossing, and vessels which have medically-trained crews.

Land staff 

Will be located at intervals along the running route and at the exits from the water, their purpose is to help the participants, to show the way and, in the case of injury, to be able to advise or guide the team to the closest medical point.


  1. Refreshments

The organization will provide the refreshments, which will consist of water, isotonic drinks, bananas and gels, during the crossing and at the finish line. The refreshment stations, located on boats which are designated by the organization and which are anchored along the route.

To reduce the waste generated by the organization, the cups have been eliminated. Each participant will have to bring their own cup to be able to refresh themselves.

Teams will decide freely if they want to stop or keep going until the next refreshment stop. It is not compulsory to stop, but it is recommended.

In each stop there is a first aids point and a staff member with a radio.

Under no circumstances the participant may throw the rapping or containers from drinks and food provided into the sea. Such behavior will result in disqualification.


  1. Withdrawal

If a Participant or a Team decides to withdraw, we recommend:

At sea:

  1. Requesting help by lifting one or both arms.
  2. The jet ski or vessel will assist you while you wait to be picked up.

On land:

  1. Indicate to a volunteer that you need help or approach a volunteer.
  2. Go to the entrance or exit of the closest swimming stage.
  3. Go to the nearest feed station.

The organization reserves the right to force the participants to withdraw from the event:

  1. Whenever a participant shows signs of extreme tiredness, dehydration, hypothermia, is swimming at an extremely slow pace or has any abnormal symptoms which prevent them from swimming normally.
  2. If the participant fails to comply with any of the regulations which govern these rules (see section on Disqualifications)
  3. When the obligatory cut-off time at the start of each event has passed.


  1. Evacuation

In the case of adverse conditions and/or force majeure, the organization will be forced to cancel the vent and evacuate all participants.

If a participants needs to be evacuated, the organization will establish one or more evacuation points with medical assistance.


  1. Penalties
Disposing of rubbish in unauthorized areas or any kind of behaviour which does not respect the natural environment 


Unsporting behaviour towards other athletes or the organizationDisqualification
Lack of compulsory equipmentDisqualification
Participating in the event without having signed up


Expulsion and a ban on participating in future events
Participating with someone else’s bib numberDisqualification
Not passing the obligatory chip control points

(starting point, end point, mid-point if any)



Not following the route marked out by the organizationDisqualification

Time penalties will be decided depending on the seriousness of the infringement.

Failure to assist another personExpulsion and ban on participating in future events
Withdrawal without informing the organization of your withdrawalBan on participating in future events
Not following orders from stewards or medical staffDisqualification
Climbing into a support vessel, kayak or refreshment boatDisqualification
Exceeding the maximum permitted swimming timeDisqualification and should give up the event in a boat of the organization
Only teams, separated more than the maximum distance allowed or leave your team mateDisqualification


The organization reserves the right to penalize any form of behaviour not contained on the above list of faults which violates the provisions of these rules.


  1. Change to the route(s) and/or suspension of the crossing.

For reasons of force majeure beyond its control, the organization reserves the right to suspend, divert, neutralize or change the event’s time slots and/or courses and refreshments. (See PDF of alternative plans).

This decision will be taken by a technical committee, agreeing with maritime authorities taking into account safety. As well as respecting the conditions to which the permits are subject.

They can be reason for plan B or cancellation:

  1. Wave of a significant height of more than 0.8 meters.
  2. Winds of more than 14 knots. Whenever the direction of the wind affects the route.
  3. Visibility less than half a nautical mile.
  4. Jellyfish plague.
  5. Electrical storm.
  6. Any other reason that the organization believes that does not guarantee the safety of the participants or the security measures.


  1. Ranking System 

When the event is over, the swimmer will have half an hour for possible changes to and/or disputes over the ranking before prizes are awarded.

There will be two classification, one for the teams category and the other for the individuals.

  • Event 

Each participant will be ranked according to the time it took them to reach the finish line.

  • 2023 categories

The first 3 classified of each category will get a medal. The categories by distance are:

  • Individual female
  • Individual male
  • Couples female
  • Couples mix
  • Couples male

The medal will be delivered only during the award ceremony of the event.


  1. Disclaimer and Declaration of Physical Fitness

Registration for the event implies the participant’s acceptance of the rules and that they are properly prepared for the race, being aware of the severe weather conditions which can be found in the area where the race is being held. Consequently, the participant holds harmless the organization for any possible health problems which may arise as a result of their participation in the race.

Participants registered in the event understand that they are taking part in the competition voluntarily and at their own risk and, therefore, they release the Organizers of the event of all liabilities and agree not to bring any cases against the organizers, partners, sponsors and other participants, or to make any claim of civil liability against the foregoing parties. For this purpose, when registering, the participant must tick the box to accept the disclaimer to complete their registration.

The organization recommends that all swimmers do a 3000m test in a swimming pool. Ideally this will be completed in less than 60 minutes, and no more than 70, to be able to successfully complete the crossing.

The organization does not recommend participating in the event if the result of the 3000m test in the swimming pool is a time over 70 minutes.

The organization recommends that all the participants have an annual medical stress test/review.

In recent years, with the popularity of outdoor and long-distance sports, sadly, the number of deaths among the participants is rising; this is why the organization insists on taking the strictest precautions.

Please remember that the challenge insurance does not cover conditions such as heart attacks.


  1. Medical information questionnaire

All participants must complete a medical questionnaire. In the case of answering affirmatively any of the questions, to be able to participate it will be indispensable to upload the required medical certificate to the platform.

  • The certificate must be completed by a qualified doctor, with signature and number of collegiate.
  • It will specify the tests that the doctor has estimated that by age or risk have been carried out.
  • The participant declares that all the information presented in the medical certificate is true.


  1. Changes to the rules 

If the organization considers it to be necessary, it may change these rules. Due notice of the changes will be given to the participants. Registration implies acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules.


  1. Data protection and consent of the interested party.

By accepting the registration conditions, you consent to the processing of data and personal image.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation –UE-2016/679 of the Parliament and Council of Europe, in its article, 5.1, by Organic Law 1/1982, with the last modification, on 06/23/2010, of protection civil right to honor personal and family privacy and by the LOPD 3/2018 of December 5 on digital guarantees, in its Title II and its articles. The data and personal image will be treated in a lawful, loyal and transparent manner in relation to the interested party. The data and personal image collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes will not be further processed in a manner incompatible with these purposes, having to be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed. In the event that the Data Controller makes computerized decisions or draws up profiles with personal data, he must inform the interested party in advance.
The interested party has the right to submit claims to the Control Authority. The data of the interested party will only be transferred by legal obligation, for accounting and tax treatment, or for reasons related to the service offered by the Web Administrator.

Data to be treated: personal contact and image.
Purpose: Administrative management and promotion of sporting events in the audiovisual press, social networks and physical printing media.
The interested party will have the right to withdraw his consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal. The undersigned authorizes the processing of their data and personal image, in part or in full for the reason / purpose stated.
MARNATON, informs of the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation, and portability, these rights may be exercised by any means that leaves proof of their shipment and receipt to the address: CARRERAS, 12- 14, BAIXOS-2, Postal Code: 08034, Town: BARCELONA, Province: BARCELONA, Email:, providing a photocopy of the DNI or alternative documentation that proves your identity.

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